Axl Rose Mocks Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Halftime Show at the Super Bowl 2014

They played for “the largest karaoke audience ever,” Guns N’ Roses frontman laughs

Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has already come clean on the fact that part of the band’s performance at the Halftime Super Bowl 2014 wasn’t entirely live because they were miming to a pre-recorded track, but Axl Rose of the Guns N’ Roses still wants to have some fun on the topic.

The RHCP performed with Bruno Mars during the Halftime of the big game over the weekend and, while everyone thought the entire performance was live, slight controversy erupted when people at home noticed that Flea’s bass and Josh Klinghoffer’s guitar weren’t plugged into anything.

Axl jokes in an op-ed that all those saying Flea must have had a wireless pack are absolutely right only that, “in the name of science and for all mankind,” Flea had actually invented a “breakthrough chip” that he had inserted into his backside.

This way, he was able to play bass and, at the same time, also enjoy Direct TV and Internet access, because he – and his bandmates – are bigger pioneers than Buzz Aldrin.

“And besides... If the band wasn't really playing or wireless or whatever and Anthony was really singing they may have set a new world record for the largest karaoke audience ever! Awesome!” Axl says, as cited by Billboard.

Hilariously, the rocker starts his op-ed by saying that he isn’t about to trash-talk anyone, just offer his educated guess, “in the name of science.”

“I enjoyed the show and I've no idea what the real story is nor would I want to suggest or imply anyone wasn't actually performing or that what they were playing wasn't what we actually heard. That said I feel it's important to always look on the positive side of things and to give the benefit of doubt,” he writes.

As noted above, Flea came clean on not really playing the bass live, explaining that it was one of the conditions set by the NFL ahead of the big performance: live vocals, pre-recorded track. He stressed that, with a performance on such a scale, airing on live TV, the NFL simply didn’t want to take any chances.

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