Awesome Magnetic Shelves Will Leave Your Wi-Fi Dazed

They enable an almost limitless list of potential arrangements

Benoit Bayol came up with a strange storage concept, one that involves very strong magnets being shoved directly into the wall.

They are only half the plan though. The other half consists of storage cubes that can be stuck to them, in whatever layout owners want.

The cubical shape will offer some limitations, but people will still be able to set them up whatever way they wish.

There are no plans of pushing the project through production though, and it might not be a bad thing.

While the shelves are an intriguing and unconventional idea, they aren't exactly practical.

While the idea that magnets can destroy data stores on HDDs was proven to be just a myth, their effect on wireless waves (Wi-Fi, 3G) is most definitely real.

Still, Benoit Bayol is all for uncanny furniture and devices, so it might just go commercial if enough interest is expressed. This is, after all, magnetic storage, of a sort.


Benoit Bayol's magnetic shelves (4 Images)

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