Awesome First ‘Iron Man 2’ Trailer Is Out

“There will be blood in the water, and the sharks will come”

The first trailer for the movie that is billed as the hottest release of the year to come has just been released on the Internet a few hours ago. Fans get a first look at “Iron Man 2,” after many months of teasing and speculation: and, from what they’re saying on dedicated forums, it will be one awesome, must see film no superhero movie fan should overlook.

In fact, it’s not just fans that are psyched about what they can make of the film from the trailer. Jevon Phillips of the Los Angeles Times literally runs out of exclamation marks when speaking of the trailer, which, he says, is unlike his way of looking at a preview. And what’s not to like, they say: the trailer has humor, the God complex, sarcasm, a tinge of romancing, explosions, excellent music and, last but not least, a bad guy to teach all other bad guys a thing or two about how to look menacing, in the person of Mickey Rourke.

“We’ve seen hints of ‘Iron Man 2’s’ awesomeness with posters and such – but now we have proof. On the eve of ‘Avatar’ finally making its way to the screen, has released an HD trailer of Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle creating what looks to be a great extension / sequel to Jon Favreau’s masterpiece,” the LA Times says.

“Whiplash! Black Widow! War Machine! That heart-pounding AC/DC music! I would run out of exclamation points if I kept going! Nick Fury himself, the prolific Mr. Sam Jackson, making a cameo tied the bow on it. Too often we jump on trailers and posters and sneak peeks and evaluate how great the movie is ... but ‘Iron Man 2’ looks like it may live up to the hype. Which is just starting,” the piece goes on to argue. As it happens, Phillips is not the only one to be so excited about the trailer, which is just now starting to be circulated widely.

The downside to all this hype is that “Iron Man 2” comes out in May 2010, which means a few more good months of waiting for fans of the film and the superhero genre in general. Still, since it’s only now that we can speak of the promo campaign kicking in high gear, keep an eye on this space for more “Iron Man” teasers from Marvel. In the meantime, below is the trailer (you can also check it out here). Enjoy.

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