Awesome Barred Galaxy Captured in Hubble Photo

The structure goes by the easy-to-remember name NGC 1483

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have recently released this amazing new view of NGC 1483, a barred spiral galaxy in the Dorado Group. The object is seen from above (or below, depending on your frame of reference) and dazzles with its inner structure.

The Dorado Group is made up of about 70 galaxies, which makes it larger than the Local Group hosting the Milky Way. It is located about 62 million light-years, and could soon turn into a galaxy cluster, once it captures some more members.

NGC 1483 and its companions can be spotted in the southern constellation of Dorado. This Hubble image reveals areas of intense stellar formation, denoted by the blue glowing areas, as well as a massive central bulge, which appears in yellow-white.

The main feature separating a barred spiral galaxy from a spiral one is the prominent bar-shaped structure at their center. Some astronomers suggest that the emergence of a bar in a spiral galaxy indicates that the structure has reached maturity.

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