Autonomous Flying Drones Created to Record Races – Video

Lehmann Aviation has introduced the LA100 UAV drone made of carbon fiber

Yesterday (January 30, 2013) we brought you the DARPA Drone Camera with a sensor of 1.8 gigapixels.

Today, we have something unrelated to national security to talk about: the LA100 UAV drone.

Developed by Lehmann Aviation, the drone is fully automated and can fly according to a pre-set flight plan at heights of 80-100 meters.

A GoPro camera, mounted on the top (for forward-facing shots) or on the underside (for ground footage, obviously) can record video and photos.

It is a good way of filming car races, or races of any other type really (cycling, motorbikes, canoes, etc.).

The wings of the drone are made of carbon fiber and are 92 cm across. Stability in the air can be maintained at -25 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade, even during strong winds.

Lehmann Aviation has set the price at 990 Euro / $1,338.

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