Automatic KMS Activation Crack for Windows Vista

Business and Enterprise editions

The history of Windows Vista activation cracks has taken a new turn. Hackers have now made available an automatic KMS activation workaround for Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Enterprise editions. The KMS Vista activation crack is a completely automated method of illegally circumventing the activation mechanism of the operating system, but in essence it follows the steps of activating Business and Enterprise editions of Vista with a spoofed KMS server.

The automatic KMS activation crack for Windows Vista is delivered as a tool that users are required to run with administrative privileges. The tool has streamlined the crack method literally taking the user out of the equation except for a few basic steps. It even delivers a list of predefined KMS spoofed servers that the users should employ for the activation.

Activating Windows Vista Business and Enterprise via spoofed KMS servers on the Internet was one of the initial workarounds available, as Microsoft has launched Vista Enterprise on November 30, 2006. The issue is by no means new to Microsoft, and the Redmond Company has said that it would shut down illegal KMS servers.

The tool, now at version 2.5, is of Chinese making, and therefore hosted on websites using Chinese language. This will, of course, help with controlling its spreading. Additionally, there have been numerous reports according to which the tool is actually a Trojan Horse. In fact, it wouldn't be the first time that attackers used the promise of free software or cracks in order to compromise a victim's machine. It's an established method of social engineering.

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