Australians Warned That Using Rogue Taxi Smartphone Apps Can Be Dangerous

The Australian Taxi Industry Association advises users to rely only on legitimate apps

Smartphones and the applications that run on them have made our lives much easier. However, using rogue applications can bring a lot of trouble.

The Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) has issued a warning regarding the use of untrusted smartphone applications for booking private hire cars or taxies, Eurasia Review reports.

ATIA representatives advise users to rely only on apps that meet government requirements since they’re the only ones connected to reputable companies. Rogue applications are dangerous because the firms they’re connected to are often shady.

“These apps are outside the system and operate in a legal grey area. Anyone can register as a driver and pick up a passenger, including people with mental issues or criminal motives,” ATIA spokesperson Benjamin Wash said.

“There are no driver checks, no background checks, no accountability and no records. You don’t even have to drive a real taxi. The implications are scary.”

Wash highlighted the fact that app developers might come forward saying that the association was only looking out for its own interests, but he said that all they wanted was to protect customers.

He emphasized the fact that currently around 2 million people relied on taxies each day in Australia and the problems were “minuscule.” However, if rogue apps plague the market, things might change.

“We care about our customers. We care about our drivers. These rogue app companies will say anything in their quest for profit. I’ve heard them say they keep location records but that’s no good to you if you are injured or dead,” Wash added.

He advises users to rely only on applications from recognized companies and to make sure that the app is designed to show the name of the taxi that’s about to pick them up to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

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