Australian Prime Minister Agrees with the Mayans – the World Will End

Watch a funny clip in which Julia Gillard warns about the coming of the zombie apocalypse

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard sends out a funny but perhaps accurate message about the world's end.

“My dear remaining fellow Australians, the end of the world is coming,” she starts her speech by saying.

She warns about “flesh eating zombies,” “demonic hell beasts” and “the total triumph of K-Pop,” which she sees as the main reasons for the event to occur.

She does promise Australians that she will fight for them “to the very end,“ so I guess we can count Australia as the other safe place during the Apocalypse.

As I cannot predict the future, I can only say that yes, this is funny now, but it wouldn't be if the Mayans were right.

Recently, the American government posted on their website that the world is not coming to an end, and residents shouldn't worry and listen to rumors.

There is no hidden planet about to hit the Earth, they say, and the planets are not aligning, and even if they were, it would be no big deal. Also, the Mayan calendar does not stop on December 21.

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