Australia to Boost Its Ability to Tackle Cyberattacks with New Cyber Security Center

The center will be launched sometime this year in Canberra

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced the government’s intention of establishing a new Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) sometime this year in Canberra. 

This is not a surprise considering that in 2012, around 5.4 million Australians were victims of cybercrime and the economy suffered considerable losses.

The center’s main goal will be to boost the country’s ability to protect itself against cyberattacks.

The ACSC will centralize cyber security operational capabilities from agencies such as the Australian Crime Commission, the Federal Police, the Defence Signals Directorate, the Defence Intelligence Organization, the Attorney-General’s Department’s Computer Emergency Response Team, and the Security Intelligence Organisation.

The new center will work with both industry partners and the critical infrastructure sectors to ensure that sensitive systems are properly protected.

Last week, Gillard released the National Security Strategy, which focused on several matters, including malicious cyber operations, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and espionage.

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