Australia's Summer Is So Hot, Two New Colors Are Added to Temperature Charts

Purple and pink might just become the official colors of global warming, some argue

Courtesy of an incredibly hot summer, Australia was recently hit by several devastating wildfires.

Recent news on the topic of weather and high temperatures in this part of the world informs us that the Bureau of Meteorology was left with no choice except add two new colors to its temperature charts.

Thus, whereas the upper limit for hotter-than-average temperatures used to be one of 50 degrees Celsius, it looks like the heat wave that struck this country, coupled with the raging fires, managed to push this limit tad further, up until 54 degrees Celsius.

Needless to say, there are some people who argue that, given these extreme weather manifestations, purple and pink (the two new colors added to temperature charts) might as well be referred to as the official colors of climate change and global warming.

Interestingly enough, The Next Web reports that, as the days go by, the weather in Australia will only get hotter.

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