Audiophile Gear Close to The Entry-level: TEAC Esoteric SA-10

TEAC offers better, newer gear for $1,000 less

TEAC is one name that doesn't quite need many praising words from editors or users alike: it is simply known as one of the world's best makers of hi-quality audio gear, no matter what kind of gear we might think of. Now, TEAC has released a new piece of audiophile equipment - better and selling for a sensibly lower price: the Esoteric SA-10 CD/SACD player.

SuperAudioCD is one type of disc (need I say audio CD?) especially loved by audiophiles across the planet for its superior sound quality and TEAC has so far produced more than one series of pro-grade players for this kind of discs. The newest member in the TEAC audiophile family is the SA-10, one player that really looks awesome!

The cut aluminum casing to eliminate as much vibrations as possible has also inspired a very Spartan design for the frontplate: even if when compared to other CD players, the SA-10 could seem like a joke, the minimalist design emanates a noble and sober feeling, just perfect for the quiet listening sessions.

The SA-10 comes in with the heritage of previous similar players (UZ-1, SZ-1, DV-60 and SA-60) and sports the VOSP system: the Vertically-aligned optical Stability Platform makes sure the discs are spinning evenly inside the "box" such as to reduce noise-causing resonance and eliminate the need for off-axis spin correction.

The 2 channel dedicated analog audio outputs (one RCA and one XLR) go hand in hand with the dual mono Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC running on 24-bit/192kHz and ensure a close-to-perfection channel separation. Power is provided by a large toroidal transformer (often met in hi-class audio gear) fixed in the massive and rigid internal chassis the whole SA-10 is built on.

Heavy yet classy and very good-looking, the TEAC Esoteric SA-10 CD/SACD player sells for roughly $3,500. It may seem like big bucks but keep in mid two things: first of all, this is audiophile gear and secondly, the SA-10 is anyway 1,000 USD cheaper than any similar product!


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