Audio for Shannen Doherty’s 911 Call Emerges Online

Star calls the cops as Twitter follower threatens to kill herself

In mid-November, Shannen Doherty made headlines around the world after she alerted the cops cross-country after one of her Twitter followers threatened to commit suicide. The audio for the 911 call is now out.

You can listen to it below, embedded at the end of this article.

Though she’d been on the receiving end of some very worrying tweets from the woman, Doherty managed to keep her cool and explain to the police officer exactly what was wrong.

In fact, voices online point out, this is perhaps one of those few times when the “Hi, I’m famous” line was used in such a fashion and to such a noble purpose.

“This is going to sound incredibly strange... my name is Shannen Doherty and I'm an actress. I'm on Twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself and she lives somewhere over there,” Doherty is heard saying.

She goes on to say that she doesn’t have an address for where the woman lives but she does have a home phone number.

Then, during the conversation, she also gets the woman’s address and immediately forwards it to the authorities.

“My security guys told me to block her because she is super aggressive and was very erratic – so they wanted me to block her — but I haven’t done it because I felt bad for her to be honest. But at the same time I’m now sitting her freaking out, being held hostage and I can’t do anything,” the actress continues.

At the end of the call, after she receives assurance that police are on the way and she will receive an update on the woman’s condition, Doherty also makes the time for some chit chat with a few officers who are apparently big fans of her work.

As we also reported at the time, police found the woman who had threatened on Twitter to kill herself but, contrary to what she wrote to the star, she did not have a gun or any plans to take her own life.

The woman refused counseling.

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