Auction Site Donates Cash to Cancer Research in Honor of Steve Jobs

'He defined a visionary and his accomplishments will never be forgotten', a penny auction website that offers online auction shopping has used its iTribute Apple Products Event last Friday, October 7 in memory of Steve Jobs and claims to have raised $5,000 for cancer research.

The event reportedly ran for 6 hours and featured a multitude of Apple products. Members enjoyed savings of 99% off their MSRPs, due to a 1% price freeze.

“While Steve Jobs left his mark behind with iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, he also left a reminder that approximately 7.6 million people around the world die from cancer each year.  Based on revenue generated from Bid Pack sales during this period, the company has raised $5,000 for the worthwhile cause,” said

$5,000 may not sound like much, but the company has been engaging in philanthropic practices for over two years now, lending a helping hand here and there.

For example, they’ve donated over $20,000 for children's programs including funding specifically for talented children whose families lack the resources to register them in organized sports.

$15,000 went to Autism Speaks, America's largest autism science and advocacy organization. Another time, they raised $7,000 and sent it to local schools.

The Red Cross also received some cash once from Beezid. The money went to families affected by natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti.

Last, but not least, the auction site also conducted various match donations to corporate relationships with companies who focus on community support, environmental issues, animal shelters, etc.

They provided free work such as design, IT, and promotions $50,000 dollars worth.

Add it all up and you get a total donation commitment of over $100,000. And this is just in their first two years of business.

"I am honored to be donating to cancer research after the iTribute event for Steve Jobs," said Beezid CEO, Max Bohbot.

"What Mr. Jobs was able to accomplish in his life and his time at Apple is remarkable, he reshaped a culture and guided the world into a new generation of technology. He defined a visionary and his accomplishments will never be forgotten," Bohbot added.

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