Attacks on US Government Agencies Will Likely Continue in 2013, ThreatMetrix Says

The details of millions of Americans have already been compromised by cyberattacks

Integrated cybercrime prevention solutions provider ThreatMetrix has released a list of top cybersecurity trends that they believe will impact businesses and consumers in 2013.

The company highlights the fact that, in 2012, a number of US federal and state agencies have been targeted by cybercriminals – both ones funded by foreign governments and politically motivated hackers such as the ones from the Anonymous movement.

The breaches that affected NASA, the US Navy, the Department of Homeland Security, the California Department of Social Services and the South Carolina Department of Revenue are just a few examples.

These attacks exposed the bank account numbers, financial records, usernames, passwords and other details of millions of Americans. The worst part, according to ThreatMetrix, is that these types of attacks will probably not end any time soon.

On the other hand, the US and other governments are not just on the receiving side of these attacks. Reports say that 12 of the world’s 15 largest military forces are currently developing cyber warfare programs.

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