Atomic Betty Weigh-In: 21-Foot-Long Python “Steps” on the Scale

This ginormous snake lives at the Australian Reptile Park in Sidney

Looking after wild animals is not an easy thing to do, especially if the animal is not a run-off-the-mill deer or gazelle, but a 21-foot-long (about 6.5 meters) python.

More so if the time comes for said ginormous snake to have its annual weigh-in.

Sources report that, in order to check whether or not Atomic Betty, as this python is called, has gained some pounds over the past twelve months, zoo keepers must form a line and hold the snake in their arms while each of them steps on a scale placed in front of them.

According to this year's measurements, Atomic Betty now weighs about 306 pounds (roughly 139 kilograms).

The weigh-in took place at the Australian Reptile Park in Sidney this past Wednesday, and one can only assume that the python is quite proud of its curves.

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