Atom N2100 Cedar Trail-M CPU Outside of Intel's Roadmap

It is supposed to be very cheap, even compared to the already low-priced Atoms

Whatever plans Intel had made for the Atom series of central processing units, they didn't include a certain Atom N2x00 chip, but the web is nothing if not observant.

While this is not the first time Intel creates a processor without planning for it too far in advance, the chip some think will be called Atom N2100 might gather quite the following.

This is because it is intended as a cost-sensitive option, which means it will be even cheaper than the Cedarview and Cedar Trail products, which already went through their own price cuts.

As a single-core CPU, the item will probably have 512 KB cache memory and a clock speed of around 1.86 GHz or so.

Keep in mind that no specs were provided, though, and that all these numbers are pure speculation, based on what Intel has on the market right now and what it did in the past.

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