Atlantic Records Sues 7-year Old Girl

RIAA must definitely sue a dead person

Well, RIAA haven't quite paid attention to all recommendations people all over the web kept on giving them, especially that of suing dead people or Jesus. Instead, they found again another hobby of theirs: suing children! Now, filing a case against some rebel millionaire child is one thing, but they can't really afford it because the lawsuit would cost them dearly and they kinda love money, you know... But filing legal actions against a 10 years old girl for alleged copyright infringements made at the age of 7, that's really cool, isn't it?

RIAA gave quite little thought on the matter and filed a case in Oregon against Tanya Andersen's daughter and even more, they insist on her deposing. Now, isn't that cute? Going after crippled man, and now fighting a 10 yo: way to go, RIAA!

Other things must also be said in what concerns this case: Tanya Andersen is a disable single mother in her 40's, living off the fixed amount of money provided by Social Security. That's one thing... Tanya Andersen has offered her computer for inspection as soon as she found out about the legal action RIAA planned to start and has asked for a thorough verification of the hard drives as it seems like she has nothing to hide and she wanted this matter to be clarified to prevent the oncoming lawsuit.

Guess what? The record companies have simply refused to do this and instead went on with the filing. Even more, there is absolutely no clear evidence provided by those companies regarding the exact files whose copyright was allegedly infringed by Mrs. Andersen's daughter.

Some very vague allegations are made in the official complaint and we can clearly see the RIAA style as they're looking for some thousands of dollars as "settlement": "Copyrighted Recordings as all sound recordings which "include but are not limited to" the six songs listed in Exhibit A and "certain of the [1,406] sound recordings listed on Exhibit B."

Crap! It's some sort of "I know you did something wrong, I don't know exactly what, but unless you want me filing a case against you, admit you're wrong and pay my settlement". Communism, extortion, racketeering?

How could this be properly described? Anyway, Seattle (Washington) attorney at law Lory Lybeck defends Tanya Andersen against the plaintiff companies: Atlantic Records, Priority Records, Capitol Records, UMG Music and with grace, BMG Music. You can find more documents from and related to this case here, here and here.

So, RIAA, when are you gonna make us all happy and sue a dead person? Please...!

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