Atheism Linked to Rape, Ted Cruz’s Father Says

Rafael Cruz speaks about the connection between religion and morality

Senator Ted Cruz’s father is schooling us on what a lack of religious sentiment brings about – abuse, rape and perversion.

Rafael Cruz explains the connection between morality and religion, by equating atheism to immorality, a tendency towards excess and the lack of hope. He puts secular humanism in the same box as atheism.

According to The Huffington Post, Cruz has shared his views on the ethics of atheists during a meeting with gun rights advocates in Oklahoma. The OK2A describe themselves as an Oklahoma Second Amendment advocacy group.

He argues that a lack of religion is about the same thing as having no moral compass, thus making one rely on “situational ethics.”

However, about 17,000 people have been raped by the church alone, and the number only applies to reported cases dating as far back as the 1950.

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