Atari Is 40 Years Old, Launches Celebratory Sweepstakes

Company has been refocused on delivering mobile games

Video game developer and publisher Atari has announced that it has plans to celebrate its 40th anniversary both by showing off the glorious history of the company and by getting fans a chance to win a number of interesting prizes.

A complex infographic created by Atari shows the important milestones in the history of the company, which has been one of the most important creative forces in the development of video games.

Moreover, there are also videos showing off commercials from the ‘80’s and other content linked to the Atari YouTube channel.

The “40 Giveaways in 4 Days” sweepstakes, which is only offered to US residents, is linked to the Facebook pace of Atari, allowing gamers to win arcades, T-shirts and other prizes.

Fans of the company can also use the Facebook page to post images of them wearing their own branded T-shirts and other memorabilia.

Jim Wilson, who is the chief executive officer of Atari, has stated, “Over its 40 years of operation, Atari has become one of the most iconic and recognized brands around the world, responsible for mainstreaming video games with blockbuster franchises including Asteroids, Breakout and Centipede.”

He added, “Today, we aim to keep the tradition alive through new and creative development efforts based on what made us great in our early days – offering our devoted and growing fan base fun but challenging games on mobile and online platforms.”

Atari was once both a hardware creator and a game publisher, but it has seen a sharp decline after the ‘90’s and first dropped its hardware division.

Since then the company has re-oriented itself towards mobile titles and has just released Circus Atari and Centipede: Origins.

It has also announced a partnership with Zynga that will result in another mobile title in the coming months.

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