At the Gibraltar Airport, Planes Cross the Highway Before Taking Off

The Gibraltar airport runway crosses the Express Highway between Spain and the island

Gibraltar, a British overseas territory, has the only airport in the world that a highway goes through.

The Montes de Malaga airport is supervised by the British Royal Air Force, and British Airways operates flights out of Gibraltar on a daily basis. It is however, a class A airport and only handles 30 or so flights per week.

The airport is located in the vicinity of the frontier with Spain, around 2 km (1.24 miles) from the town center. The runway takes up most of it.

This is why cars have to literally cross the terminals. The express Highway between Spain and Gibraltar is fitted with traffic lights in the airport section. It is quite the show when traffic is stopped to let planes go through.

Even with special barriers on each side of the section where the runway and the highway intersect, this area still doesn't seem like a safe place for pedestrians.

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