Asus Teaser Trailer Reveals CES 2011 Tablet Lineup

Well, it really seems that Taiwan-based giant Asus is quite keen on taking the tablet segment by storm at CES 2011, and for this reason, it's already started to build-up some hype around its products, releasing all sorts of leaked info, photos, and now an entire teaser trailer regarding what we should expect from it come January, 2011.

So, within this recently-released teaser video (that you can watch for yourselves at the end of this article), Asus sort of confirms the names (and the sizes) of the tablets that it plans to release at CES 2011, but little else.

Of course, that should prove to be enough in order to get you interested, especially if you're seriously curious about all of the new developments in this segment.

So, what we should expect from Asus at this year's CES are the the 7-inch EP71, the 10-inch EP101 and EP102, and the previously-detailed 12-inch EP121.

According to TC Magazine, who first came up with the video, the EP71 is an Android tablet, while the EP121 is sure to use Windows 7.

Additionally, the EP102 will come equipped with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard so it too may run Windows, while the EP101, which has been seen at Computex in June, is supposed to utilize Windows Embedded Compact 7 (and Nvidia's Tegra 2 chip).

Unfortunately, that's just about everything we've got for the time being regarding Asus' future tablets, but we promise that we'll try our best in order to come up with more info on this topic, as soon as it becomes available.

Plus, since we're only a couple of days away from the official start of CES 2011, and we all know that the most important players in the industry tend to make their official announcements before the actual start of the show, we invite you to stay tuned all through early next week, since we're bound to offer you a lot more interesting details regarding Asus' products.

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