Asus Padfone Up for Pre-Order in Taiwan, Goes on Sale on April 20

The phone/tablet combo is available for 850 USD (645 EUR) outright

Although Asus Padfone device made headlines about a year ago, it was officially announced back in February at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

However, Johnny Shih, Asus CEO, had an ace up its sleeve when he announced the upcoming availability of the Padfone.

During the press event he revealed that the Padfone phone/tablet combo had just got bigger with the addition of a weird (in a good way) Bluetooth headset stylus. Yes, it’s not a joke.

Customers will be able to pre-order three versions of the Padfone. They can purchase only the phone, both the phone and the tablet, or all three devices, including the Bluetooth headset stylus.

The company stated that it would try to bring the Padfone on the market as early as April. True to its promise, Asus has just kicked off pre-orders for the device in Taiwan.

According to Engadget, customers who only want to get the smartphone will have to come up with NT$17,990 (610 USD or 465 EUR).

Those who want the full package that comprises the tablet and the phone, along with that weird Bluetooth headset stylus, will have to shell out no less than NT$24,980 (850 USD or 645 EUR).

There are additional accessories that can be purchased as well, so if anyone would want some keyboard add-ons, they would have to pay around NT$28,901 (980 USD or 745 EUR).

It is also worth mentioning that all customers who pre-order the Padfone, in any of the combinations mentioned earlier, will receive an extra battery for free.

The Padfone is expected to go live in Taiwan on April 20. For the time being, there are no details regarding the global availability of the device, but Asus may come forward with official statements soon after the device hits shelves in Taiwan. So stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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