Asus Essentio Gaming Desktop Packs Intel Sandy Bridge

Although the very first thing that comes to mind when talking about an Asus computing system is one of their numerous portable systems (whether we're talking about their notebooks or Eee PC netbooks), the truth of the matter is that the Taiwan-based company also has some desktop PCs in its lineup, the latest we've come across being the Essentio CG8350-04, an ultra-powerful system packing some of the latest available components.

First and foremost, we'll have to say that the Essentio CG8350 is more of a top range mainstream gaming desktop, the only Asus systems to provide even more power being the one from the ROG family.

The device comes packed with a choice of Intel 2nd Generation Core i7/Core i5/Core i3 Processors on Socket 1155 (Core i7 2600 series tops the available offerings), accompanied by a built-in Intel H67 Express Chipset and 4 x DIMM Dual Channel DDR3 1333 MHz memory slots, for up to 8GB of memory.

In terms of graphics, the Essentio CG8350 clearly leverages the integrated Gfx in North Bridge: Sandy Bridge CPU, but users can also add a discrete graphics card as well, the only available choices being NVIDIA GeForce cards (GTX460 1G, GTS450 1G, GT430 1G and GT420 1G).

The desktop also offers ample storage space, its 3 HDD bays supporting up to 6TB of space for all of one's requirements.

Plus, the Essentio CG8350 comes packed with just about all the connectivity options one might expect from it (including USB 3.0).

Last, but certainly not least, we'll have to mention that this thing measures 206 x 460 x 530 mm (W x H x D) and weighs around 13 kgs., especially since it also comes with either a 400 or a 500 W power supply.

Although pricing for the Asus Essentio CG8350-04 depends largely on the configuration of choice, but one should expect it to start somewhere in the vicinity of 900 US dollars, which is, nevertheless, quite an OK price for such as system.

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