Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Finally Gets Jon Stewart to Fix the Daily Show Globe - Video

The astrophysicist also did a fun interview on the show

Neil deGrasse Tyson is perhaps one of the best known astrophysicists in popular culture and for good reason, he makes for a great guest on any show, he's even got his own show, and he always does his best to promote science in a fun way.

He's been somewhat of a regular on the Jon Stewart's the Daily Show, but there's always been something that irked him, the globe shown in the shows' open is spinning the wrong way around.

Most people wouldn't even notice this, but he did and he's been calling out Stewart on it for a while.

So finally, ahead of the astrophysicist showing up for a guest interview, the Daily Show fixed the opening sequence and showed the Earth spinning the right way around.

Granted, the fix wasn't as permanent as it could have been. Still, it Neil deGrasse did a fun interview, as always, talking about giant asteroids and what can be done about them, mostly.

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