Astronaut Snaps Stunning Photo of the Amazon, Ahead of His Chat with Captain Kirk – Gallery

Chris Hadfield has been posting some wonderful photos

Chris Hadfield is so busy making videos on how astronauts clip their nails in space, practicing his guitar, getting ready for a chat with fellow Canadian William Shatner, the one and only Captain Kirk, that it's hard to imagine when he has the time to snap some of the most amazing photos we've ever seen. Oh, and to actually work on the ISS, that's why he's up there after all.

Granted, any photo from space is going to be spectacular, but simple satellite photos can't replace actual photographic skills and an eye for beauty.

Armed with a top of the line but wholly stock DSLR and a powerful zoom lens, Hadfield has been snapping some gorgeous shots of interesting places all over the world. Since the ISS goes round the Earth in a few hours, it's hard to miss a spot.

The shot you see above is of the Amazon basin, the mighty Amazon and quite a few of its tributaries. It looks surreal enough to mistake it for a painting, perhaps because of the disorienting angle. Several other recent photographs are just as beautiful.


ISS photos (3 Images)

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