Astral Diamonds and Microtransactions Power Neverwinter MMO

The free-to-play title places no limits on game content

The launch of the Cryptic Studios developed Neverwinter MMO is approaching and the team is keen to explain the business model of the game to potential players, which will rely on Astral Diamonds as currency and on microtransactions.

Jackk Emmert, the chief executive officer at the studio, says that Neverwinter is designed to be playable without any payment of real-world money because the game lacks a subscription, an up-front cost or content that is inaccessible for those unwilling to pay.

The executive states in an article on MMORPG that the game will use an internal currency called Astral Diamonds to allow players access to extra game content.

He writes, “Typically, a player can earn Astral Diamonds by doing certain types of quests and missions. And, usually, this content is time limited so a player can only repeat this type of gameplay so often. In our Starter Packs, we provide players a treasure chest full of Astral Diamonds so their own epic tales can begin at a sprint.”

The approach means that a player can get a head start by getting a Founder Pack, but he/she can also use pure game time and skill to acquire the same content.

Emmert adds, “you can put your Astral Diamonds up on an auction house and sell them for micro-transactable points. Then you can purchase anything you'd like in our micro-transaction store. Committed players never need spend a dime in Neverwinter.”

The CEO also explains that his Cryptic team is not focused on creating a game that attracts subscribers but only on creating a great MMO for all those who are interesting in playing it.

Neverwinter allows players to create a character based on the Dungeons & Dragons system and then explore and fight for the biggest city in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Launch is expected late during 2013.

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