Asian Elephant Calf Born at Twycross Zoo in the UK

The baby elephant was born this past March 4, vets say it is a girl

Twycross Zoo in the United Kingdom is now home to a lovely baby Asian elephant that was born at this facility earlier this month.

Staff at the zoo say that the tiny pachyderm was born to mom Noorjahan after a 22-month-long pregnancy and that it will celebrate its birthday each year on March 4.

Keepers and vets who have had the chance to observe the calf say that it is a female and that its mom is taking really good care of it.

“The infant has bonded very well with mum, who is doing an exceptional job of taking care of her,” Dr. Charlotte Macdonald said in a statement, as cited by Zoo Borns.

“All the females continue to take a huge interest in the calf and are very protective of her,” added Head of Veterinary Services Sarah Chapman.

Presently, the baby elephant feasts on about 2.9 gallons (11 liters) of milk on a daily basis.

Caretakers at Twycross Zoo say that it will probably give fruit, veggies, and hay a try when it is about one year old.

Despite the fact that staff and vets at this facility in the United Kingdom have established that the Asian elephant calf is a female, the young pachyderm is yet to be named.

As soon as its caretakers find a suitable moniker for it, be sure you will hear about it here.

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