Asian-American Groups Petition Against Racist “Make Me Asian” App

The free app is available in the Google Play store

The “Make Me Asian” app is something that actually exists in the Google Play store. This free app will let you resemble one of the characters featured in the thumbnail – a stereotypical Asian person.

The description of the app is just as funny as the concept itself:

“You can for a few seconds to make himself a Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other Asians! […] Almost instantly, you can make yourself or your friends by representatives of Asian nations, such as Chinese or Japanese,” it reads.

Asian-American groups are definitely not amused by the fact that they are portrayed in a cartoony manner, nor do they enjoy the racial stereotyping.

“They are not funny, and their use highlights a vicious double standard, where people are allowed to characterize” both groups “in a way that they never would do to other races,” pastor Peter Chin, from Washington, explains.

According to Novinite, he started a petition to have the app removed, on He is joined by, who describe it as “racist and hateful.”

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