Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Biopic

Producers finally decide on a face that seems to do the role justice

After some debate as to who would best fit the role of Steve Jobs in a planned biopic that will offer insight into the personal life of the late Apple co-founder, the producers have finally decided on a young face that does the role justice, at least from an aesthetic point of view.

Ashton Kutcher, a 34-year old actor whose most recent gig has been to play Walden Schmidt in Two and a Half Men, is the leading actor in an upcoming biopic that delves deep into the life of one of the most iconic figures of our time - the late Apple co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs.

Variety is the one to confirm that the movie will "chronicle Steve Jobs from wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple, where he became one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of our time." Based on a script by Matt Whiteley, the biopic is directed by Joshua Michael Stern.

Ensuring that readers do not mistake the headline for an April Fools joke, a Variety reporter confirmed that the story was indeed true via Twitter.

“We discussed holding it until Monday for fear of readers dismissing it as a joke, but felt it was too big a scoop to risk losing. It’s TRUE!”

Editor’s note

When this biopic was originally confirmed, the two actors battling it out for the role were George Clooney and Noah Wyle, according to various reports. It seems that the producers have finally settled on an actor that does seem to have the appropriate physique, style, and facial features to best portray the late Apple co-founder (especially in his youth).

However, it should be noted that Noah Wyle has already played the role of Steve Jobs in the famous movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley.” Jobs himself was impressed at how well he played the character, though he never fully endorsed the movie.

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