Ashton Kutcher Wants to Dump Mila Kunis for Being “Frumpy,” “Fat”

Report says he’s shocked how “she let herself go” these past 8 months

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were friends before they became lovers but, according to a new report, an unbreakable rule in his dating book says the woman shouldn’t gain weight (even if it’s for work) or consistently not wear makeup.

Consequently, because Mila broke it, he wants to dump her, says Star Magazine in its latest print issue (story via CB).

The report comes hot on the heels of a batch of paparazzi shots of a makeup-free Mila out running errands, looking tired and not her usual glamorous self.

You can see one of those pics attached to this article: she’s “frumpy” but she’s not less pretty for it.

Ashton disagrees, according to unnamed insiders talking to Star.

“When they started dating, he thought Mila was one of the hottest girls in the world. But in the eight months or so they’ve been together, she’s totally let herself go,” one tipster says.

“When Ashton broke up with wife Demi Moore, he was ready to have a relationship with a low maintenance girl, but now he’s saying Mila is TOO low maintenance. Demi may have been crazy, but she always made sure to look good for Ashton, whereas Mila acts like she couldn’t care less,” says the (quite rude) spy.

Admittedly, Kutcher hates a lot of things about Mila these days, from the fact that she can’t be bothered to put on makeup or do her hair, to having to gain weight for a movie role.

Star even goes to the extremes and claims the petite actress is now 50 pounds (22.6 kg) heavier than she was last year. Mila was the first to admit she gained weight, but that figure clearly betrays a very active imagination.

Moreover, the tab says, on Christmas, Ashton tried to make Mila get the message by offering her a makeover package estimated at $250,000 (€189,623).

She turned it down.

“She told Ashton if he wanted a fake, plastic girl, he should have stayed with Demi. That’s when he snapped and told her, ‘You’re worse than Demi!’” another source says.

Of course, the above report coming from Star and its unnamed sources, it’s best taken with a grain of salt.

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