Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Plays Steve Jobs Brilliantly – A “Perfect Fit,” Says Josh Gad

“It was literally like being in the room with the creator of Apple”

As Director Joshua Michael Stern and Producer Mark Hulme are preparing the jOBS biopic for its January 26 debut at the Sundance Film Festival, actor Josh Gad – who stars in the movie as Steve Wozniak – says Kutcher is “the perfect fit” for the Jobs role.

The indie biopic began shooting in early 2012 (only months after the iconic Apple co-founder had passed away). Reports then quickly cropped up documenting some early details about the movie.

As the months passed and Ashton Kutcher’s hair and beard grew longer, entertainment news readers became shocked at the striking resemblance between the actor and the late Steve Jobs himself (in his youth).

But while Kutcher indisputably looked the part, one burning question lingered at every corner: “can he play the role?”

Known mostly for his comedic role as Walden Schmidt in the long-running TV series Two and a Half Men, Kutcher has a lot to prove in the role of a true visionary genius who didn't have time to spare, who was looking to “make a dent in the universe,” as Jobs himself once said.

And now that the movie is approaching its debut, the people who were on the set during the shooting are beginning to speak out.

Josh Gad, the actor who plays Steve Wozniak (Jobs’ longtime partner and friend) says Kutcher not only looks a heck of a lot like Jobs, but he can really act the part.

In an interview with USA Today, Gad said, “There is an eerie resemblance - he didn't have to do much to get there. When he showed up, it sent a ripple of shock throughout the set. Everyone was like, 'We're in the presence of Jobs. Let's go do this.'”

“It was literally like being in the room with the creator of Apple. This is one of those roles that's the perfect fit,” said Gad.

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