Ashton Kutcher Involved in Violent Melee at Stagecoach Music Festival

Report says actor was not the aggressor, but further details are not available right now

Ashton Kutcher was involved in a violent melee over the weekend, while he was attending the Stagecoach music festival in Indio, CA. The star was not the aggressor, TMZ has learned.

Kutcher, who has been flying under the radar for most of the time since his marriage to Demi Moore fell apart after he was caught cheating and was exposed in the media, played no part in the altercation, the celebrity e-zine says.

It was an overzealous bodyguard who caused it all, catching Kutcher and an unnamed woman in the middle of it.

“According to our sources, Kutcher was in the VIP area near the stage to check out Nick 13 and Dwight Yoakam, when a woman approached him to say hi and shake his hand. We're told when Kutcher went to greet the woman, security intervened and shoved the two of them... and chaos ensued,” TMZ writes.

“Our sources say Kutcher and the security guard went at it, each violently shoving the other. Ashton's friends had to restrain him. We're told the guard demanded that Kutcher be ejected, but Ashton left on his own,” adds the same media outlet.

The same sources say the bodyguard was totally “out of line” and that Ashton did nothing wrong: he was just trying to right a wrong.

TMZ reached out for comment to Kutcher’s publicist but, as of the time of writing, got no response.

Photographs of the actor on the second day after the incident have emerged online, and he doesn’t seem to be sporting any visible injury. This could mean that the initial report of the “violent” altercation was probably an exaggeration.

In other Ashton Kutcher news, CBS confirmed this past weekend that both he and Jon Cryer will return for a new season of “Two and a Half Men,” which hardly came as a surprise.

What was surprising, however, was the fact that Angus T. Jones – as in, the “Half” in “Two and a Half Men” – would not return as a regular since producers are said to be currently negotiation with him for a recurring role.

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