Ashton Kutcher Dumps Rihanna over Trust Issues

He did not like the media attention they were getting as a couple, new report claims

A short while ago, word got out in the press that Ashton Kutcher was rebounding from the Demi Moore split with Rihanna. They had been dating for about 8 weeks at the time, but a new report is now saying it's all over between them.

According to unnamed sources close to the two stars, Ashton did not like the kind of media attention he and RiRi were getting as a couple, Hollywood Life reports, citing the latest print issue of OK! Magazine.

Word of the new romance did not make it in the press and on the blogosphere until Rihanna was snapped by the paparazzi leaving Ashton's apartment in the dead of night.

This and the subsequent media frenzy convinced Ashton that such a high profile relationship wasn't the right thing for him for the time being, so he just called it off.

“After the photos of their late night hook-up went public Ashton, 34, apparently called Rihanna, 24, and told her they were over, saying 'I can’t trust you,' a source tells OK! Magazine,” HL writes.

At that time, they had been dating for about 8 weeks and, even though it was a casual thing, they had just one rule to follow: keep it under wraps.

The next day after the hook-up, Ashton woke up to see his secret fling splashed all over the media and he felt “like he was set up,” the same report notes.

“When Rihanna arrived at his house she didn’t tell him she’d been photographed by paparazzi. He was very specific that she check to make sure she wasn’t being followed, and the way he sees it, she either screwed up or – even worse – tipped the photographers off herself,” an unnamed spy is quoted as saying.

He even told her that he suspected her of tipping off the photographers: she was offended and they had a fight.

“She went off on him and told him she suspected him of calling the press. The way she sees it, he has more to gain from the fling than she does,” says the spy.

Either way, we're to believe one thing is certain: Ashton and Rihanna are no longer together. Seeing how earlier reports claimed that Demi Moore was incredibly hurt by the fling, she's probably happy to hear that now.

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