Ashley Judd Running for Senator in Kentucky

Actress says she isn’t ruling out the possibility but won’t commit just yet

Ashley Judd might become the next high-profile celebrity to go into politics in a bid to make a change for the better. She’s considering running for Senator in Kentucky, ongoing reports note.

An active supporter of the Tennessee Democrats, the actress has already addressed rumors that she’s being considered for politics but, as Fox News points out, refused to commit with an answer to them.

However, chances are high that a career in politics is actually in the cards for her, other online reports say.

“I cherish Kentucky, heart and soul, and while I'm very honored by the consideration, we have just finished an election, so let's focus on coming together to keep moving America's families, and especially our kids, forward,” Judd said.

Fox News stresses that, were Judd to run for Senator, she would have to go up against Kentucky’s longest serving Senator, Mitch McConnell, who is already preparing for re-election in 2014.

McConnell’s people are also considering Judd a potential opponent in the race.

“Sen. McConnell and his wife are big fans of Ashley Judd's movies and appreciate her energy, especially when it comes to bringing young people into the political process,” McConnell’s campaign manager is quoted as saying.

Earlier this year, Ashley Judd made a lot of headlines for non-political reasons, when rumors started making the rounds that she’d had some serious work done on her face, all prompted by a televised appearance which saw her with puffy face.

As we also reported at the time, both the star and her publicist denied all such allegations, saying the only reason she had a “moon face” was because she was undergoing treatment for a severe sinus infection.

Later on, Judd used her own example to point out how the media and the general public are quick to judge someone on looks alone, noting that, as a celebrity, there’s really no winning scenario: “I look bad, I've had work. I look too good, I've had work.”

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