Ashely Judd Mocked in GOP Ad

Republican Mitch McConnel makes preemptive move, even though Judd isn’t running yet

Late last year, actress Ashley Judd said she was flattered to be considered for the run for Senator in Kentucky, but stressed that she hadn’t made up her mind about it yet. If she does though, she will have to redefine herself – thanks to the new GOP ad above.

Republican Mitch McConnel is behind Judd, a Democrat, in the polls even though she’s yet to announce running. The ad above is considered a preemptive move on his part.

If you watch it, you will see why that is because it highlights Judd’s weaknesses in Kentucky.

She is described as “a leader who knows how to follow,” “someone who will never forget where she came from,” and “an Obama-following, radical Hollywood liberal, who’s right home here in Tennessee. I mean Kentucky.”

As of now, Ashley Judd is yet to acknowledge the ad in any way but, considering that it’s already gone viral, she might be doing that pretty soon.

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