Ashanti Releases “The Woman You Love” Video

The song of the woman who is “never good enough” gets video companion

Ashanti, once dubbed the “Princess of Hip-Hop & R&B,” is getting ready for her music comeback. With her fifth studio album on the way, she's just introduced to fans a brand new music video.

“The Woman You Love,” the single with which she's now promoting “Braveheart,” the album, is the story of a brokenhearted lady who's always striving to be the perfect woman for her (cheating) partner.

Despite her most honest efforts, she always fails at that, coming to the conclusion that she's simply “never good enough.”

The video, which also features collaborator Busta Rhymes in CGI, is a good companion of the track.

A Pocahontas-looking Ashanti is in the future, looking back on her past and the mistakes she made and, most importantly, the one she allowed her man to make.

She's also rocking some fierce heels, we must say.

Check it.

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