Asetek Intros Liquid Cooling for Data Centers, Impresses Department of Defense

More effective and power-efficient than the active alternative

Most servers and data centers use active cooling, with lots of fans blowing air all over the place, but Asetek wants to change that.

With that goal in mind, it has created ISAC, the latest RackCDU data center liquid-cooling product line.

Previous versions of RackCDU only reduced the need for active cooling, though the percentage was considerable (80%).

Now, though, ISAC (Inside Server Air Conditioning) can use liquid cooling to the exclusion of all else.

Infrastructure costs should be reduced as well once ISAC gets chosen.

Asetek's solution has been chosen to participate in the TROPEC (Transformative Reductions in Operational Energy Consumption) program run by the DoD (Department of Defense).

This, if nothing else, shows that the technology has already impressed the relevant parties, at least those from the United States (US).

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