As Negotiations with the Government Fail, MegaUpload Data Still in Limbo

US authorities couldn't care less what happens to the data of millions of people

Those still waiting to get their stuff from MegaUpload back have more waiting to do. Not that waiting is a guarantee that they'll get their data back, but it's all they've got.

Users that lost important or valuable data when MegaUpload was unilaterally shut down by the US government have been trying to get it back, but to no avail.

Now, negotiations between the parties involved, MegaUpload lawyer Ira Rothken, the EFF and the US authorities have failed to reach an agreement on how to proceed, as ordered by a judge.

So, they went back to the court which is more than taking its time in even responding to the latest developments.

When it became clear that the US government had no intention of keeping the MegaUpload data, leaving millions of users without their stuff, and couldn't care less about what happened to that data or the people depending on it, the EFF took up arms and sued the government on behalf of a user that had lost many hours of video in the raid.

The judge told the parties involved to try to reach a settlement and left them to it. That settlement hasn't happened and talks aren't going anywhere. The EFF and MegaUpload blame the authorities, but that's to be expected.

The ball is, yet again, in the judge's court, but he doesn't seem that interested in it. It's been weeks since this happened and the judge hasn't said anything.

In the meantime, users aren't any closer to getting their stuff back, the 1103 MegaUpload servers are idling at Carpathia Hosting, the US company that hosted all of MegaUpload's content, burning a hole in its pocket.

Having those servers doing nothing for nine months now means Carpathia has been losing some $9,000 in potential revenue per day. Not to mention the rate at which hardware depreciates in value, by the time any resolution is reached, the servers may as well be obsolete.

The US government is happy making life harder for the people that voted for them and making life miserable for American businesses, as long as Hollywood, who pays the campaign bills, pays for expensive dinners and even gets senators to do cameos in Batman movies, is happy.

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