As Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge Arrive, Shortages Burst Our Bubble

Sales are supposed to start in about six days, but supply will be strained

Intel is supposed to make its official introduction of the Ivy Bridge CPUs today, and we'll write the relevant info about them when the time comes, but for now, we are hearing something fairly worrisome.

It looks like NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices (but mostly NVIDIA) aren't the only companies with insufficient chip inventories, even though their processors are totally different from Intel's (28nm GPUs vs. 22nm CPUs).

Sure, there have been rumors about tight Ivy Bridge CPU supply, but we had hoped that at least the first batch of units would be decent.

After all, the Santa Clara, California-based company has already delayed the introduction, so it had time to make up for whatever yield issues its factories had had to deal with.

Alas, Digitimes's newest report has the same grim tidings to impart.

While 13 CPUs will, indeed, be formally introduced, sales will only begin on April 29 and, even then, the quad-core processors won't all be in stock until June.

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