As HDTV Sales Decline, Sharp Cuts Production in Half at Osaka Plant

It is thinking of changing its facility into one that makes higher-resolution panels

Sharp may be one of the greatest makers of displays, but that also means that it will be hit particularly hard if the general interest in such products drops.

As it happens, HDTV panels haven't been selling very well lately, enough so that the company has decided to cut down production at a plant in Osaka (by half).

Sharp may have placed high hopes in the segment for large TVs of 60 inches and above, but the overall TV market is stagnant.

The retail channel probably won't suffer, but Sharp could end up experiencing a drop in finances.

The firm won't just let dust and cobwebs cover its production lines, though. After it reduces production capacity, it might retool the facility to make screens with higher resolutions and better power management options.

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