As Expected, PowerColor Intros Tahiti LE Video Card, PCS+ HD7870 Myst

This is a new, limited edition Radeon graphics card

The number of brands that made video cards powered by AMD's latest graphics processing unit, Tahiti LE, is low, and three of them are actually the same company under different names: Club 3D, PowerColor and VTX3D.

We haven't seen VTX3D's new Radeon HD 7870 graphics adapter yet, but Club 3D's Radeon HD 7870 JokerCard has definitely made its entrance.

Now, PowerColor is making its move, having put together the PCS+ HD7870 Myst. Edition, which is actually the same card as above, but with a different look and name.

This comes with the territory of being a brand vendor for the same manufacturer as Club 3D itself: TUL Corporation.

PCS+ HD7870 Myst. Edition runs the Tahiti LE GPU at 920 MHz, or 975 MHz when particularly strenuous applications are initiated.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) calls its dynamic overclocking technology PowerTune.

The amount of GDDR5 VRAM (memory) is 2 GB, working through an interface of 256 bits, and the clock speed of that RAM is 6 GHz.

As for cooling, the video controller employs a fairly basic single-fan model with a black shroud, copper heatpipes and a reasonably large heatsink.

Finally, earning the PCS+ title is the onboard solid-built "Gold Power Kit," a set of specially-built components (DrMos, Digital PWM and Multi Phases design) that enhances stability while the adapter is overclocked.

Buyers of the PowerColor PCS+ HD7870 Myst. Edition will get a dual-link DVI video output, one HDMI port and a pair of mini DisplayPort connectors.

The price should be of roughly $220 / 220 Euro. PowerColor's press release did not mention it, but Club 3D's model, and all the others for that matter, ship or will ship for about that much.

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