As Expected, EK Releases GeForce GTX Titan Waterblock

The water cooling implement will eagerly chill the GPU, RAM and VRM

Yesterday, when we reported on EK's release of the Waterblock for NVIDIA Quadro K5000 professional graphics card, we off-handedly remarked on the irony of the release happening when a Titan-ready waterblock hadn't been made.

It turns out that the product was something of a warm-up really, or at least it could be viewed as such by outside observers.

EK has, in fact, prepared a water cooling component for the GeForce GTX Titan graphics adapter, called EK-FC Titan.

NVIDIA will only have a limited run of the board, which means that EK won't sell too many of these special waterblocks.

Still, just having a water cooling module ready to serve the mightiest single-GPU graphics card in history can earn points, so EK made it.

Origin PC's high-end gaming computers already use it actually.

The EK-FC titan covers the GPU (graphics processing unit), RAM (random access memory) and VRM (voltage regulation module).

It has a very high flow design (works in water cooling systems with weak water pumps) and a refined, narrower microchannel structure (improves heat transfer).

For those who want to know even more details, the base of the EK-FC Titan is made of electrolytic copper (bare or nickel plated, depending on the variant) and the top is made of quality cast acrylic material or POM Acetal (again, there are two variants).

Rubber washers keep the whole thing sealed shut, and both sides of the FC terminal can use G1/4" threaded fittings (the flow orientation does not matter).

Finally, as a special bonus, a single ATX form factor motherboard can hold four graphics cards equipped with the EK-FC Titan, as it only occupies one PCI Express slot instead of the two common to air coolers.

The prices of the two types of EF-FC Titan are of 89.95 and 99.95 Euro / $67.82-89.95 and 75.49-99.95 Euro (in spite of exchange rates most likely). Only pre-orders can be made, for now.


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