As Black Friday Nears, Best Buy Swells with Bargains

There are plenty of special offers, but here are some of the best

Black Friday isn't here of course, that will only be on November 23 (2012), but many online stores like to have a wale that lasts several days around this time, maybe even a full week. Best Buy is one of them.

Black Friday is primarily a US holiday, so the fact that Best Buy only accepts orders from citizens of the United States is not as worthy of sorrow as it would otherwise be.

Other retailers from around the world follow this so-called tradition of bargains too, but we digress.

There are actually plenty of products selling for less than usual through the online retailer, so we will only name the ones that caught our fancy.

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3 12.2 megapixel camera, for example, could still be found by a few lucky people at $449.99 / 449.99 Euro.

Secondly, a 40-inch Full HD LCD HDTV from Toshiba is selling for $179.99 / 179.99 Euro, though only in street stores.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch tablet is another device that can be found for that price, again only in stores.

And the bargains go on and on. Some allow savings of just a few bucks, while others are several hundred dollars cheaper than normal. For example, a Dell desktop computer sells for $499 ($260 off).

All in all, there are many door busters. Best Buy, Amazon and all other retailers in the US or around the world, online or otherwise, will try to outdo each other with their bargain catalogs.

The special page on Best Buy is located here, but customers should hurry up and fill their virtual shopping carts as soon as possible. Stocks are limited after all, especially for the odd exclusive sale. Haste could make it completely unnecessary to go and participate in the stampedes that overwhelm malls and department stores on Friday morning.

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