“Artists Against Fracking” Now Has More than 180 Members

Launched by Yoko Ono and son, the campaign stands to actually make a difference

Quite a while back, we showed you a video in which Yoko Ono and son, Sean Lennon, sang against fracking and the impact this practice has on the environment.

We also spoke about how the two decided to set up a website explaining why we must all join hands and fight against hydraulic fracturing.

Apparently, more than 180 other celebrities name now joined their cause, and are actively getting involved in informing the general public with respect to how their health is being threatened by fracking.

Moreover, they wish to raise awareness about how natural ecosystems are continuously affected by this practice, hoping that high officials will eventually have no choice but to give up on allowing for hydraulic fracturing to take place in various regions across the US.

Look at the Stars quotes Sean Lennon, who recently wished to make it as clear as possible that, “Protecting our drinking water is fundamental to life. And people worldwide know that as a species, we are near a tipping point – it could go either way. We all have a responsibility to preserve the planet's life-support systems for future generations.”

In case you were wondering, some of the celebrities who decided to join this fight against hydraulic fracturing are Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Robert de Niro, Susan Sarandon, Flea and the Scissor Sisters.

Rumor has it that, for the time being at least, what worries these celebrities the most is the fact that plans have been made to begin fracking activities in areas very close to the city of New York, where many of them spend considerable amounts of time.

Therefore, it is in their own best interest that they make sure such operations do not affect the quality of living conditions in these regions, as contaminated soils and water sources could ultimately impact on their own wellbeing.

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