Artist Uses iPad & Brushes App to Create Breathtaking Beyoncé Portrait

Cheshire, England-based Kyle Lambert shows his latest accomplishment

Artists worldwide have shown that the iPad’s capabilities are truly unique, but none seems to do it better than Kyle Lambert whose gallery includes some of the world’s best paintings done using the Apple tablet, and various drawing apps.

A digital artist from Cheshire, England, Kyle Lambert shows off his latest accomplishment over at his web site where a photorealistic portrait of artist and performer Beyoncé Knowles can be spotted. It was created by Kyle using only one finger and Steve Sprang’s Brushes application. As noted in the official press release available for download in PDF format, “[the painting] is a distinctive piece, and is undoubtedly a milestone in contemporary art.”

Brushes is a popular painting application originally designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. An enhanced version for the iPad has been available for a while now, with Apple using it as demo material during the tablet’s official unveiling. Paintings produced with Brushes have appeared not once, but numerous times on the cover of The New Yorker. The software features an advanced color picker, high quality brushes, layers, extreme zooming, and a simple yet deep interface. Softpedia has covered some of the app's unique capabilities in a Personal Thoughts piece predicting the upcoming success of such digital drawing tools for the Apple iPad.

A timelapse video of Kyle’s painting from scratch is hosted at showing six hours of work in just two minutes. The clip is also embedded at the bottom of this report, for Softpedia readers.

Kyle summarises his feat by saying: “My artwork combines traditional painting techniques with cutting edge technology to produce rich, realistic portraits and character based concepts and designs. The iPad expands the possibilities for artists like myself to take digital artwork creation away from the computer and out into the world.”

Other remarkable works by Lambert, achieved not only using the Apple tablet, but also the iPhone, include portraits of actors Will Smith, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Aniston, a number of comic book-style drawings, as well as self portraits.

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