Artist Paints Incredibly Realistic Food Images

The painter recreates fast-food meals, salads and sweets

By on November 15th, 2012 18:41 GMT

One Dutch painter takes surrealism to the next level, with his reproductions of fast-food meals, salads and sweets.

His best, in my opinion, is this burger piece that looks like it came straight off a McDonalds print ad.

“Mega-realism” is the genre artist Tjalf Sparnaay includes his work in. In fact, he has worked for 25 years to perfect his technique, and recreates food items on his canvas every day.

“I take the subjects of my oils from everyday reality, utilizing trivial or mundane items, my intention is to give these objects a soul, a presence,” the Daily Mail quotes him as saying.

“I call it the beauty of the contemporary commonplace,” he describes.

However, the art of all things “commonplace” pays – Sparnaay charges about £36,000 per painting.

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