Art Meets Science in Dreamy Photo Exhibition

Dynamic photography exhibitions reveals the art in physics

A dreamy photo exhibition presented at the Fluid Dynamics annual meeting which took place during Nov. 18-20 at San Diego, reveals the beauty of physics in a series of astonishing dynamic images.

The exhibited photos are part of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics Gallery of Fluid Motion and have been selected by several arbitrators, considering both their artistic and scientific value.

The above picture, named “Coiling Honey” represents a direct flow of honey turning helical as it touches the water into a glass.

The phenomenon is a very common one, noticeable in simple daily conditions, Yahoo News reports.

Other images present a “hydraulic jump” of the water meeting an elastic polyacrylamide solution, a disc of water generated by a special tube, a magnetic fluid composing linear patterns or a starfish-shaped water wave.

The pictures will be published in the Physics of Fluids journal, so you can enjoy a beautiful sight of the complete series there.

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