Around the World in a Week with Barradoro: 7 Cities, 7 Events, 7 Days

If money is the last thing you lack and you’re eager to travel but don’t really have the time, here’s a thought: for £125,000, you can fly around the world in just one week, thanks to the offer from Barradoro.

Barradoro and its founder, Adam Nathu, have come up with the idea for the ultimate traveling experience, a modern day and very exclusive take on Jules Verne’s classic novel, if you will.

For just £125,000, you can see the most fabulous cities in the world, travel in style, eat the most exquisite food and have access to all types of events – and it will all take just one week of your precious time.

The destinations are Tokyo, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, London and New York, with a little over 32 hours being the allotted time for flying.

The ticket / membership to the Barradoro club also includes 5-star accommodation in these cities, gourmet meals and exquisite drinks, private jet (of course) and access to all kinds of fancy events taking place at the time of your arrival there.

Reports online are saying that, to date, about 50 people have already purchased their tickets for the weeklong one-of-a-kind traveling experience, with several celebrities and important public figures among them.

Understandably, their identity is being withheld from the public and there’s really little reason to assume it will ever be revealed.

“Barradoro is a dynamic, full-service international events and entertainment production company. Our vision is to create an environment that induces connections, inspires and creates experiences. We deliver showcase events in cities around the world that demonstrate innovation and uniqueness,” Barradoro says on its official webpage.

“Barradoro stretches the boundaries of imagination and is poised to be the premier company in design and media production catering for all demographics, cultures and tastes world-wide,” it further says.

“Our ethos is to facilitate a social environment to bring people together, share the experience and make history,” the same note mentions.

Indeed, with such an offering – and such a price – Barradoro can’t but make history.

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