Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Loves Maria Shriver

Former Governor admits he’s still holding out hope for a reconciliation

It’s been many months since Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught cheating by his longtime wife Maria Shriver, and he had to come clean to her and the press about everything, including fathering a child out of wedlock. He’s yet to lose all hope though.

As fans of the “Terminator” star must know, right now, he’s making his big screen comeback, with an action title, “The Last Stand.”

The film pretty much bombed at the US box office when it came out, barely registering with moviegoers, but the actor is now in Europe with the cast, promoting it.

While there, he spoke briefly with German publication Bild and admitted that he was still holding out hope he and Maria would eventually work things out and get back together, The Huffington Post reports.

“We’re not fighting any war: I still hope for reconciliation; I still love Maria,” the actor is quoted as saying.

Admittedly, he also revealed that he, Maria, and the kids spent Christmas together, which can only mean that they are not fighting anymore.

Whether he’s in touch with the family’s former housekeeper, with whom he had a child out of wedlock, a son, Arnold would not say.

After Maria filed for divorce, Arnold felt the need the come clean to the press about the whole thing, doing interviews and even including an entire chapter in his new book dedicated to the topic.

For years, he and the housekeeper were involved, with the woman and their son living under the same roof as Maria and the kids.

Arnold knew from the start that the child was his, even if his mistress initially tried to deny it, saying it was her husband’s.

In one of his most recent interviews, Schwarzenegger denied paying her hush money, but admitted that he did go out of his way to provide for his son.

When Maria learned of it – during a couple’s therapy session, according to the actor – she immediately sought legal separation.

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