Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms He Will Be in “Terminator 5”

Veteran star will be back on the franchise but he won’t say more about the role

So, Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a change of heart: after saying he was done with the “Terminator” franchise and admitting to hating “Salvation,” aka the fourth installment, the actor has confirmed he’s on board for the fifth.

BleedingCool got the confirmation straight from the actor, who was in London to promote “The Last Stand.”

As for what role he might play, Arnie isn’t saying yet.

While his IMDB page lists him as rumored for T-1000, the aforementioned industry publication believes the range of options is bigger than that.

“Quite what role a ‘significantly older’ Arnold would play in the film remains to be seen. The model for the original T-800 seems like a fairly good bet, so would some motion capture of de-ageing FX,” BleedingCool writes.

If you remember, Arnie got the de-ageing treatment (of sorts) in “Salvation” as well, but that wasn’t an instance he’s likely to want to remember consider how mocked it was online.

Bottom line is, he promised he’ll be back. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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